<b>PV to Grid Connected Cascaded T type Multilevel Inverter with Improved Harmonic Performance</b> Multilevel inverters act as a promising solution for medium voltage, high power applications due to their modularity and reduced voltage stress across the switches. Cascaded T Bridge Multilevel Inverters CTB MLI are being considered as the best choice for grid connected Photovoltaic PV systems since they require several sources on the DC side. By means of MLI’s, high quality output with less harmonic distortion is obtained compared to a two level inverter. In this work, a comparative analysis of three levels of MLI’s is presented. Control scheme based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation SPWM is adopted due to its ease of implementation. More number of levels results in reduced THD and nearly sinusoidal output. Simulation is performed using MATLAB Simulink. Cascaded T Bridge Multilevel Inverter CHB MLI , Photovoltaic PV , THD, SPWM 37-52 Issue-1 Volume-7 Md Janish Alam | Mr. Sarvesh Pratap Singh