<b>Student’s Views on Traditional Offline Classes and Online Classes in the Covid 19 Situation in the Selected Nursing Institution, Kolkata</b> The certain outbreak of Covid 19 in various parts of the world in 2020 2021 has severely affected educational institutions in various countries. Students were affected by the way to accept the hybrid form of learning and also grasp the interest in the classes that were conducted online. The study compares students’ views of traditional offline and online classes. The study was carried out at Charnock Healthcare Institute, and 284 nursing students participated. The findings indicated that the effectiveness of online education is dismal, as students find it difficult to adjust to the online mode of education and the offline mode of education remains the most preferred mode of education. Traditional offline classes, Online classes, Student’s views 32-36 Issue-1 Volume-7 Anindita Mitra | Pritha Dhali | Pritama Dutta | Piya Das