<b>Impact of Western Fashion on Indian Dressing Culture</b> Indian culture is considered as one of the oldest and richest culture and western culture is considered as the most advanced culture in the world. Both are different types of culture and followed in different parts of the world. Both cultures differ from each other in the traditional mindset, however, in today’s world both cultures are coming to a mix. But the most common and genuine fear among conservative Indians specially the elders is that the widespread of westernization amongst Indians. They suspect that Western goods, clothes, foods, festivals, style, language, and moreover Western thought is spreading and shows negative impact across the populace. The purpose of this paper is to look at the many reasons that cause such fears and analyze them by comparing them with reality and discuss the impact of westernization. Culture, Westernization, India, Heritage 972-976 Issue-7 Volume-6 Ranjana Nagarwal | Rajeev Kumar