<b>Novel Herbal Drug Microsphere Types of Preparation Characterization and Application A Review</b> Microparticals are also known as microspheres. The free flowing protein based powder that makes up microspheres typically has a particle size range of 1 1000um. The microsphere are a cutting edge alternative to conventional or immediate release single unit dosage forms for effective therapeutic drug delivery. The efficiency of the microsphere that are created using various methods that are modified, as well as the administration of the dosage form, are compared to traditional Form. The dose of the microsphere will be assessed using two separate techniques waxe containing, and hot melt. Techniques for spray drying, solvent evaporation, and pre petition. Freeze Drying, lonic gelain method. The microsphere will get central place in novel novel drug delivery manufacture. 1 Microparticals, Novel Herbal Drug Microsphere, Microsphere, types of Microsphere, Method of Microsphere, Characterization of Microsphere, Microspher Application 817-821 Issue-7 Volume-6 Nilesh Gavali | Radhika Kotme