<b>Effect of Kaala Basti and Uttara Basti in Female Infertility Low AMH A Single Case Study</b> Infertility is defined as a failure to conceive within one or more years of regular unprotected coitus, though it is not only a physically disabling disorder but has far reaching psychological and social consequences1. In India the prevalence of infertility of married women currently is 4.6 . Ayurveda not only aim at getting offspring, but to get a healthy one. The success rate of in vitro fertilization IVF techniques depends largely on the ovarian response at the time of oocyte retrieval which eventually reflects on the ovarian reserve2.According to ayurvedic classics Artava is upadhatu of rasa dhatu and again Artava has all qualities of rakta. Under Artava menstrual blood and ovum are included. The term ‘ovarian reserve’ describes the number and quality of remaining oocytes in the ovaries. Low AMH level can be compared to Dhatukshayajanya Vandhyatva. The present case report documents the efficacy of an Ayurvedic treatment protocol in improving the AMH value which helped in conceiving. Here in this case study I selected a case of primary infertility having low ovarian reserve AMH 1.2ng dl . Drug used in the treatment of patient for Kaalabasti and Uttarabasti has the properties of rakta sangrahakara, rakta stambaka and rajodoshahara. Vandyatva, Artava, Kaala Basti, Uttara Basti, AMH Anti Mullerian Harmone 11-13 Issue-7 Volume-6 Dr. Ashwini S Balbatti | Dr. Doddabasayya Kendadmath | Dr. Rajesh Sugur