<b>Expression of National Cultural Background in Uzbek and English Artistic Discourse</b> Today, as at start of the I century, the role of tradition in orienting, or perhaps even in fashioning, the individual. Tradition is under assault, we are told, by market forces, global integration, and the ubiquitous media. Marxist and postmodern thinkers have even suggested that under such conditions, all traditions must be somewhat in uthentic the product of conscious fashioning, and, thus, not really a tradition at all. At times, traditionalists have called for group rights and group protections in an attempt to prevent commerce from eroding tradition, and thus, they hope, they can avoid the postmodern critique entirely. For cultures all over the world, textiles play an important role in carrying on history and society. language, express, tradition, authentic, culture, world 1-2 Modern Trends in Science, Technology and Economy Special Issue A`zamova Dilfuza Shafoevna