<b>Youth and Human Rights A Research Study among University Student</b> This Study has covered Post Graduate Students of four University of Gujarat State including Sardar Patel University, M. S. University, Gujarat University and DDIT University. The data collected from 400 P G Students 100 students from each university for the study under the research design of descriptive cum exploratory in nature. The Questionnaire is used for this research consists of 50 Questions. As a Consideration of that the youth or students are the future for any nation so level of understanding of youth about human rights is very important to know. If human rights knowledge is not up to mark among youth or students, it’s a serious issue for the youth and nation as well. As a Social Worker, to maintain equality, non discrimination, protection and development is a mission. So, Human Rights is a one of the best weapon to all social worker to achieve main goals as mentioned before. Human Rights Issue-1 Volume-1 Mehul Rabari | Dr. S. D. Mishra