<b>Irrigation Quality of Surface Water of Rural Areas around Kota City, Rajasthan</b> Due to the natural and anthropogenic inputs, the Chambal River which passes through the Kota city has gradually deteriorated. The assessment of surface water quality is an important aspect to understand the ecological sustainability of the river. Hence, in this study the surface water quality of Kota was evaluated using long time series data 1999 to 2016 for pre monsoon and post monsoon period. Data on monitored locations were collected from Public Health Engineering Department PHED . Various physio chemical parameters of surface water quality for River Chambal, Akelgarh water treatment plant and Sakatpura water treatment plant were examined to assess the extent of pollution and its suitability for drinking and irrigation purposes. Apart from this the seasonal and temporal variations in water supply of Kota city were observed during 2006 2016. The results imply that water quality of River Chambal is moderately polluted, hence to maintain its water quality proper waste disposal technique should be adopted. However, drinking water supply system analysis indicates the shortage of water supply in outskirts of the city, so water transmission system need to be augmented in near future to supply additional demand in the newly developed areas in the city. Kota, Irrigation, Surface Water, Rajasthan, Quality, Rural Areas, Chambal, Transmission, Ecological 52-56 Issue-6 Volume-6 Nitin Gupta | S. M. Nafees