<b>Chemical Preservatives and their Effects on Human Beings</b> The levels of food contamination have reached an all new level. To preserve the taste, freshness, and color of the foods, even fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Taking into consideration the increased use of chemicals and preservatives, it is extremely important to avoid junk food. However, when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is impossible to avoid them considering their dietary significance. This is the reason why it is extremely important to wash fruits and vegetables in the right way using a vegetable and fruit cleaner. Artificial or Chemical preservatives which are used to delay the contamination of foods are the ones that lead to health problems. These preservatives are artificially produced and synthetic in nature. These are often labeled as preservatives on food labels. chemical, preservatives, contamination, toxins, preservatives, diet, health, synthetic, junk, artificial 46-51 Issue-6 Volume-6 Dr. Mahesh Singh Khirwar