<b>Resource Mobilization and Academic Performance of Public Secondary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya</b> The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between resource mobilization and academic performance. The study was prompted by concerns among education stake holders over poor academic performance in public secondary schools. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The study was conducted in 360 public secondary schools in Bungoma County. The target population comprised of 360 Principals, 360 Board of management chairpersons BOM and 360 Directors of Studies DOS . The sample size of the study comprised of 72 Principals, 72 Board of Management chairpersons and 72 Director of Studies. Simple random sampling was used to select 72 schools which represented 20 of 360 target schools. Purposive sampling was used to select Principals, Directors of Studies DOS and Board of management BOM chairpersons. Primary data was collected using closed ended questionnaires and checklists. The statistical package for social sciences SPSS was used for analysis of data. Descriptive statistics used were frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation. Inferential statistics used were Pearson Product Moment Correlation and linear regression analysis. Linear regression analysis and correlation were used to test relationship between independent and dependent variables. Analyzed data was presented in APA tables, pie charts and bar graphs. The study also established that there is a positive and significant relationship between resource mobilization and academic performance of public secondary schools in Bungoma County r= 0.281, p 0.05 . A unit improvement in resource mobilization is likely to result to an improvement in academic performance by 28.1 standardized regression coefficient = 0.281 . Resources Mobilization, academic performance, public school, strategies 75-81 Issue-5 Volume-6 Sarah Likoko | Jane Barasa | Pamela Khaemba