<b>Road Safety Audit of Balsamand Hisar Bypass Road MDR 107 </b> Now a days, in each ten minutes, we tend to lose one human life because of road accidents. Within the world, Bharat has world’s largest weighty traffic and accidents too it s necessary to provide the safety to roads. Road Safety Audit RSA could be a practice or methodology within which identification of existing or future road on basis of questions of safety and provision of safety remedial measures on that. Road Safety Audit RSA is a formal method for assessing accident potential and safety performance within the provision of latest road schemes and schemes for the improvement and maintenance of existing roads.In this study, the section of road from “Balsamand – Hisar Bypass Road MDR 107 ” is undertaken. Road taken having appreciable traffic throughout day time and a few black spots on the road wherever accidents could happen and in depth analysis of road from “Balsamand – Hisar Bypass Road MDR 107 ” is administered on the premise of information assortment like traffic behaviour study, road safety signs and symbols, etc. The purpose of study is to examine the road within the terms of the security measures, road situation, any kind of flaws and to counsel the alleviative and preventive actions for the chosen section of road for audit. 11-18 Issue-5 Volume-6 Ravi Saharan | Vikas