<b>Grounding System Analysis</b> Apropos of the above topic, in this thesis we will deal with the problem while designing the grounding for the substation at the generation, transmission, and distribution end for all main and auxiliary equipment in the substation. In the working manual calculations based on IEEE and CBIP manual are done for better understanding. Soil resistivity, short circuit current, etc are required to initiate the calculation. An additional computer program used for comparing attainable and tolerable in both step and touch voltages, results between these two voltages conclude the safety of the grounding of the switch yard. In a very common word, we can say that the earth mat or grid is the CPU of the grounding system. AC Substation grounding, step and touch voltages, grounding resistance, earth mat grid 42-47 Issue-5 Volume-6 Mohd Kamran Khan | Mr. Ameen Uddin Ahmad