<b>Effect on Binary and Ternary Inclusion of Ibuprofen and Different Amino Acid Complex on Phase Solubility</b> The aim of present research was to formulate and characterize inclusion complexes between ß cyclodextrin ß CD and Ibuprofen. Equimolar ß CD solid system in the presence and absence of 0.2 w v ß CD was prepared. A phase solubility study was done to estimate solubility constant KS and complexation efficiency CE . Improvement of KS and CE showed the additive effect of auxiliary substances ß CD . The dissolution properties of binary and ternary systems were determined and compared with alone. The ternary system has shown several times faster than the binary system of Ibuprofen. The optimized binary and ternary systems were characterized by phase solubility. These results showed that ternary inclusion complexes were formed. Ibuprofen, ß cyclodextrin leucine, glycine, Stability constant 851-854 Issue-4 Volume-6 Ms. Chetana D. Patil | Mr. Vaibhav C. Babar | Ms. Prajakta S. Kakade