<b>Visual Merchandising Practices used by Apparel Retail Stores</b> The present investigation was planned to study the visual merchandising practices of apparel retail stores in Ludhiana city. The survey regarding visual merchandising practices of apparel retail stores was conducted in four zones of Ludhiana. For the selection of apparel retail stores and customers, random sampling technique was used. Ten apparel retail stores from each zone total 40 were selected randomly. An interview schedule was used for collecting data. Most of retail stores 82.5 have less than 5000 sq.ft area followed by 10 percent of retail stores who have area between 5000 to 10,000 sq.ft. Majority of the selected retail stores 93 changed their window display after a week. It was reported that all the apparel retail stores used fixtures such as display racks and mannequins for displaying products followed by 92.50 and 47.50 percent of the stores which used grids and gondola shelves also, respectively. Around 55 percent of retail stores categorized their merchandise according to the size of product followed by 22.50 percent of the retailers, who assort their merchandise on colour basis. Arrangement of products in the store according to colour combination always attract the consumers. Visual merchandising, Retailers, Consumer buying behaviour, Window display, Retail stores 29-36 Issue-4 Volume-6 Khushpreet Kaur | Dr. Harminder Kaur Saini