<b>A Study on Design and Analysis of Precast Box for Road Bridge Construction using STAAD Pro</b> Transportation always plays an important role in economic growth and globalization for a country. Road transportation is one of the main transporting way in India. Therefore it requires connectivity of cities. Hence bridges and culverts are constructing to connect Roads.Box Culvert can be defined as a structure having box shape which is constructed below the embankment to drain water from one side of the bank to the other side of the bank. Failure reasons of a Box Culverts are maintenance failure, erosion and increase in scour depth, and Installation Failures. To improve the problems occurring in the Structure are described briefly. Box Culverts are normally constructed without RCC cut off and curtain walls. Due to which structure gets damaged easily. In previous researches Box Culvert are constructed with PCC cut off and curtain walls while taking various parameters in design. Movements of people and transportation will not be affected because structure will not be constructed number of times because life of structure will be very long. Seepage pressure is less in box culvert with RCC Cut off and curtain walls because the gripping in RCC structure is good as compare to PCC Structure, and Seepage pressure is directly proportional to voids that makes PCC structure unstable against seepage pressure. BM of PCC walls is also less than as compare to RCC walls. Life of structure will also increase around two times, and also Government planning will not be affected because project will be for long time period. In designing of structure the two major factors should be kept in mind i.e. economy and safety. If the load is overestimated than the structure will be uneconomical whereas if the load is underestimated the safety of structure will be compromised. Hence the calculation of load and their combination should be done very precisely The study included estimation of PCC and RCC Cut off and Curtain walls through comparative results in SOR 2017. BOX Culvert, CUT OFF Wall, Curtain Wall, Estimation, Structure, Analysis, and comparative Results 10-25 Issue-4 Volume-6 Sandeep Salve | Prof. Afzal Khan