<b>Cloud Based Covid 19 Testing Management System</b> Nowadays, COVID19 Testing Management System is one of the most essential tools that are mostly used in Testing Lab it is mostly used to manage COVID19 medical lab related activities. In this project we tried to develop a computerized and web based Cloud COVID19 Testing management system. Our main intention is to allow this application to be used in most retailing COVID19 lab, where a small point of customization will be required to each COVID19 lab in the implementation period. This system is designed to overcome all challenges related to the management of diagnostic that were used to be handled locally and manually. The system is an online COVID19 lab manager application that brings up various COVID19 test working online. Using this system, it will help us to records all transaction made at the daily tests recognize all customers, employees, etc. It will manage all activities around the COVID19 lab that increases productivity and maximize profit, it will also be minimizing the risk of getting loss because all transactions are recorded to the system. COVID 19 Testing Management System, Cloud Computing 1438-1440 Issue-3 Volume-6 Rinzen Wangyal | Dr. Murugan R