<b>Review and Significance of Matsyendrasana in Daily Life</b> Matsyendrasana was named after the yogi, Matsyendranath a student of the Hindu god Shiva. He was a legendary saint in the Hatha Yoga Tradition, and the guru of Gorakhanath. He was also known as the adi yogi or the first yogi. This asana was generated by him as he used to sit in this specific posture. This pose is a totally spinal twist which accompanies the multiple health benefits. Yoga, Asana, Matsyendrasana etc 61-64 Issue-4 Volume-6 Dr. Saurabh Prakash Tripathi | Dr. Vikash Bhatnagar | Dr. Sandeep M Lahange | Dr. Tina Mishra | Dr. Deepak Sharma