<b>Buyer’s Perception Study of Glass Bottle Packaging of Selected Food and Beverage Items</b> Health has become the most prominent aspect of life as a side effect of pandemic. Contaminated food is one of the major reasons for health issues in the human body. The food packaging material is expected to address the aspect of health hygiene and environment friendly production methodologies. Food packaging is now a major factor affecting the buyer behavior and it has already attained the level of means of dialogue in the market. The right packaging makes a significant difference for all around experience on all ends of the spectrum. Glass packaging meets the global regulations of environmental conditions such as recyclable and eco friendly products. It is predicted that purchasing decisions are going to be inclined towards recyclability and environmental considerations post COVID 19. To evaluate such a shift, an online survey was conducted, which was designed to draw out the perceptions of buyers. This study indicates a marked increase in usage of glass packaging in food items, post this pandemic. Food Packaging, Food processing, Customer Perception, Green consumers, Sustainable food packaging 1427-1434 Issue-3 Volume-6 Khushee Taneja | Kritika Mathur | Dinesh Taneja