<b>A Study on Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Women Entrepreneurs in India</b> 65 of Indian population is living in the rural areas, out of which women population constitute around half of this general population, therefore it is necessary to develop rural population, so as to improve the Socio economic condition of the country. women are always considered as Physically and mentally weak and treated as a weaker section of the society, who are dependent on males .As a result it is believed that they are not acceptable for Lethal and risky jobs, but now the time has changed, nowadays more women stated showing curiosity and concern in owning the small business in order to became Financially as well socially independent. As a result numbers of women started their business and have been a successful entrepreneur, but still the amount of women contribution in the world of Business is very little. The reason behind this is the fact that in India women especially rural women has to face lots of Social as well as Cultural Boundaries, Moreover there are plenty of Challenges that a women needs to face in order to raise as a Successful Entrepreneurs like –No access to proper Information on Market, Finance, Technology, Unfavourable Regulation and Policies, No linkage with the Supporting Agencies and so on. Although many arrangements and programmes has been made up by the government of India along with the ministry of rural development to provide them an opportunity to became self reliant, self dependent as well as self employed, but still the urgent need of the country is to provide a favourable environment to the women entrepreneurs because of the fact that they need ability building and training of the functional areas such as finance, literacy skills, marketing, production and managerial skills, which will definitely encourage them to participate in the growth and development of the nation. Entrepreneurship, Rural women, Challenges, Opportunities 1223-1228 Issue-3 Volume-6 Mr. Amir zia | Dr. Naila Zia