<b>Utility of Homoeopathy in Cases of Nephrolithiasis with Counstitutional Approach</b> Nephrolithiasis also known as renal calculi is a frequent urinary tract condition. Most patients with renal calculi experience recurrent nephrolithiasis. Recurrence rates are estimated at about 10 per year. Most of the people seek for the allopathic treatment for acute cases. The treatment course in the case of renal calculi is flush therapy through I.V. fluids , Lithotripsy or surgical aid etc. these methods are generally painful, harmful and sometime risky for the patients compare to the homoeopathic mode of treatment. Homoeopathic system of medicine manages such case quickly, mildly, gently and permanently without consuming much time. So, this study was conducted to confirm the role of homoeopathy in cases of nephrolithiasis with constitutional approach. Nephrolithiasis, Constitution, Homoeopathy 958-960 Issue-3 Volume-6 Dr. Sheela Dandge | Dr. Janki Bhanvadia