<b>Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra The Rise of Indian Drama</b> This explanation paper critically examines Bharatmuni’s ‘Natyashastra’. In Natyashastra Bharatmuni explain the rule and regulation of Indian drama. Drama is a part of nation’s development in which all the staff members of the particular drama shows the characteristics behaviour of the same. Action, Diction, Light, Stage Performance and the most important thing Dramatic fiction, Conflict and suspence all over examined by Bharatmuni tell in the earliest, now all over dramatic acting on the same way. Rasas, Bhava, mode of acting by various kind of actor or emotions that characterize human life as well as arts. The present paper attempts to elaborate what is the things that makes ‘Natyashastra’ the special for Drama. Here the Discussion about the origin and development of Natya Nataka, Rasa, Panchasandhi, Arthaprakruti and Panchaabasta, Bharatmuni details on ‘Natyashastra’. Bharatmuni, Rupaka, Rasa, Acting, Panchasandhi, Arthaprakruti Panchabasta 833-835 Issue-3 Volume-6 Chinmaya Samal