<b>Formulas for Surface Weighted Numbers on Graph</b> The boundary value problem differential operator on the graph of a specific structure is discussed in this article. The graph has degree 1 vertices and edges that are linked at one common vertex. The differential operator expression with real valued potentials, the Dirichlet boundary conditions, and the conventional matching requirements define the boundary value issue. There are a finite number of eig nv lu s in this problem.The residues of the diagonal elements of the Weyl matrix in the eigenvalues are referred to as weight numbers. The ig nv lu s are monomorphic functions with simple poles.The weight numbers under consideration generalize the weight numbers of differential operators on a finite interval, which are equal to the reciprocals of the squared norms of eigenfunctions. These numbers, along with the eig nv lu s, serve as spectral data for unique operator reconstruction. The contour integration is used to obtain formulas for surfacethe weight numbers, as well as formulas for the sums in the case of superficial near ig nv lu s. On the graphs, the formulas can be utilized to analyze inverse spectral problems. boundaryproblem, Formulas for Surface, weight numbers 784-790 Issue-3 Volume-6 Ghulam Hazrat Aimal Rasa