<b>Knowledge, Attitude and Practise Regarding Emergency Contraceptive Pills</b> India’s population as per Unique Identification Aadhar India UIDAI 2020 census is about 1.40 billion. Even though a wide variety of contraceptive way outs are available in India, still the contraceptive prevalence in the country stands at 53.5 percent as per Ministry of Health and family welfare statistics 2019. Most of the couples in India do not make use of contraceptive method on a long term basis hence unwanted and unplanned pregnancies are common. Emergency Contraceptive Pills are largely underutilized in India resulting in women resorting to unsafe or illegal abortions contributing 8 percent to the overall cause of maternal mortality in India, which if taken correctly can reduce the risk of an unintended pregnancy to an optimal range of 75 79 percent. The intention behind this study is to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of emergency contraceptive pills among college going students of progenitive age group. METHODSA cross sectional study was conducted among 100 college students of reproductive age group. Data was collected through online mode using an anonymous pretested structured questionnaire by employing convenient sampling technique.RESULTS Besides 180 subjects, 100 subjects gave consent for the study. Talking about contraceptive methods, only 34 had heard of emergency contraceptive pills. Of those who mentioned pills as emergency contraceptive method, 28 correctly verified and identified 72 hours as the time limit for use of the method. The summary index for knowledge disclosed that approximately half 50 had average knowledge about ECP. Though 66 had moderate attitude towards ECP, 36 of the total students had used ECP. ECP use was dominating among students who were married and also, among them who had good knowledge on EC. CONCLUSIONThe study exhibited that the cognition on ECP among female students is on average mark and the method is still underused. Therefore, there is a strong need to expand base and spread awareness regarding contraceptive methods in general and ECM in particular at college level. ECP Emergency Contraceptive pills, ECM Emergency Contraceptive methods, Students, Sampling technique 35-40 Issue-3 Volume-6 Gurpreet Brar | Rizwan Khan | Harpreet Kaur