<b>Nanosponge Leveraging Novel Technology</b> The effective system of targeted drug delivery has been a dream for a long time, yet it is deeply irritated by the complex chemical involved in the development of the latest systems. The advanced drug delivery system has a number of problems such as poor skin tone, skin irritation, allergies and more. The biggest problems for improved chemical companies are their poor melting of water and pharmacy problems. These water soluble drugs show few problems in combining them with a non perishable variety and therefore the main problems associated with them are their very low bioavailability. The development of nanosponges has been a major step forward in overcoming these problems. Nanosponges are a novel class of colloidal structures based on hyper crosslinked polymer consisting of solid colloidal nanoparticles and nanosized holes. These colloidal carriers with nano size were recently developed and proposed for drug delivery, as their use can dissolve soluble drugs in the water and provide long term release and improve drug availability by altering pharmacokinetic parameters of actives. . The development of nanosponges as drug delivery systems, with special reference to cyclodextrin based nanosponges, is presented in this article. In the current review, attempts have been made to show the characteristics of cyclodextrin based on nanosponges and their applications in drug formation. The main focus is on discussing preparation methods, character separation methods and the use of these novel drug delivery carriers for therapeutic purposes. Nanosponge, poorsolubility, polymers, Medical, Formulations 836-847 Issue-3 Volume-6 Radhika Kotame | Gayatri Wagh | Ehtesham Ansari