<b>Critical Analysis of Technology Law in India with Reference to Foreign Mechanism</b> During the past few decades, we have witness some of the most exponential growth in our field of technology, whether it is a matter of law, social framework, economic or any other manner in which it has intersected various disciplines. Starting from the UN General Assembly Resolution leading to the approval of the Information Technology Act, further leading to the enactment of the Modern Electronic Trade Law. In reference to which we observed that how the right to privacy modified by the growth of information technology, and after which the technology has changed its contents for the protection of their legal interests. In this technologically evolved world, data is the new currency. As India, has no comprehensive data protection legislation and privacy legislation. The existing policies and laws are, in essence, sectoral in nature. These Sectoral Laws pertain to the IT Law, 2000. It is also observed that how the amendment to the Information Technology Act which entered into force in February 2009 with the presidential assent, has made a crucial impact in India in reference to the IT Laws, stated that information confidentiality constitutes as a part of our privacy right and stated that confidentiality included the right to preserve the personal identify. Privacy, Technology, Data Protection, Information, Supreme Court 46-53 Issue-3 Volume-6 Jyotirmoy Banerjee | Pooja Banerjee