<b>Distance Learning for CRMEFs What Technical Pedagogical Adaptations for the Development of Socio Professional Skills </b> To ensure the continuity of training activity in the context of the Covid 19 health crisis, CRMEFs such as universities and schools have radically reversed their training strategy, from face to face to remote online where training is provided remotely with several means digital platforms, social networks, videoconferencing software . Based on the results of several research studies that have shown that an online learning strategy increases information retention and takes less time in its implementation process. In this regard, our central question is the following What adaptations for the development of socio professional skills What educational paradigm will make it possible to achieve the objectives set out in the distance training systems The objective of this article is to verify the contribution of FAD within the CRMEF of Taza on training practices on the one hand and on the apprenticeships of trainees on the other hand, in order to trace a reverse training methodology aimed at to guarantee maximum socio professional performance. Distance learning, socio professional skills, technical pedagogical adaptations 1-7 Issue-3 Volume-6 Rahhali Mohammed | Abderrazzak Mazouak | Said Belaaouad