<b>One Pot Synthesis, Characterization of Zn GO Nanocomposite for the Electrochemical Decoloration of a Textile Dye</b> A facile one pot efficient synthetic approach has been adopted to prepare Zn GO nanocomposite material from the synthesized GO. The X ray diffraction XRD analysis revealed the formation of Zn GO structure from the zinc chloride precursor during the synthesis. The surface characteristics and elemental composition of the nanocomposites have been studied by means of scanning electron microscopy SEM , energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS . The characterization of the Zn GO composites suggested that the metal is uniformly dispersed in the graphene matrix and gives evidence indicates that the flake like nanosheets are GO, which are formed and interface and we can see good compatibility between the graphite oxide and the zinc matrix. Electrochemical decoloration of an aqueous solution of a textile dye Acid Red 10B was investigated under different experimental conditions by using carbon electrodes. Our findings revealed that the electrodes evidenced great dye decoloration abilities to treat solutions containing this dye, in the presence of the synthesized nanocomposite. The influence of the synthesized nanocomposite was remarkable in the electrochemical dye decoloration process and ~100 color removal was found by the addition of 0.004g nano composite per 250 mL of the dye solution. carbon electrodes, electrochemical decoloration, nanocomposite, textile dye 28-34 Issue-3 Volume-6 Ganesha Achary