<b>Design and Simulation of Different Microstrip Patch Antennas Geometries for 5G Network Frequency Compatibility</b> This paper presents the results of the designed and simulated microstrip patch antennas geometries at 5G network frequency band. The microstrip patch antennas geometries namely circular, rectangular, and square were designed using CST Microwave Studio software and simulated at 5.3 GHz and 7.5 GHz. The performance of the designed antenna parameters, specifically gain, directivity, Power radiated, and antenna efficiency were evaluated for the patch geometries. The result of the simulation showed that the designed rectangular microstrip patch antenna has the best performance metrics of the three compared patch geometries at 5G network frequency band. Microstrip, patch, Gain, Directivity, Efficiency 1972-1977 Issue-3 Volume-6 Adewumi A. S | Azeez I. A | Àlàgbé G. A | Abolade R. O