<b>Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Companies in E Tailing their Products during Pandemic</b> India is largely dependent on agricultural economy. More than fifty percent of Indian population is dependent on the agricultural sector for its livelihood and survival. On the other hand the service sector, manufacturing sector, defence sector, aviation sector, travel and hospitality sector employs few of the Indian labour force and its return nearly 60 of the Indian GDP. This can accelerate the India’s economic growth and solve the current unemployment crisis. “Make in India” is a worldwide marketing concept propounded by our 15th and the current Prime Minister of India on 25 September 2014, with an aim to transform the country into a global manufacturing hub. Mission is to make in India and sell the products all over the world. Its ultimate aim is to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub. It facilitates investments, skill development, encourages innovation, protect intellectual property rights to achieve this objective. Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion plays a vital role for the implementation of this initiative and it holds highly significant position in India’s pursuit of economic growth. In a short space of time, web retailing or e following has solidly secured itself as a reasonable choice to store based shopping. This paper endeavours to give an unmistakable picture about the e following in India and its different issues, openings. It additionally endeavours to draw a compelling e following methodology in India dependent on the itemized review of e following organizations. The purpose of the paper is to identifying issues related to manufacturing, sector and the government support to enhance the development of the sectors. Make in India, Challenges, Sectors, Retailing issues 1325-1327 Issue-2 Volume-6 Ms. R. Janani | Ms. N. Paramesswari