<b>Pharmacy Management Integration</b> A pharmacy is a place for providing pharmaceutical products and services to the public. The business processes carried out in pharmacies are managing data on existing drugs including drug stock, purchasing drugs from distributors, selling drugs to consumers, determining drug selling price policies, as well as reports in the form of a recapitulation of all drug sales and purchase activities that occur at the pharmacy. The business processes carried out by pharmacies today generally still manual controls carried out by humans, so that several times there is a risk of human error, that can cause problems in business processes. This will hinder when making drug sales reports and if you want to check the available drug stock it will take quite a long time. Meanwhile, when the customer patient is about to return or return a drug, the employee has difficulty in finding the sales data for the drug because they have to find one by one from the many sales notes. The purpose of this study is to reduce errors and improve the quality of pharmacies such as improving performance and making it easier for process data, so that an integrated information system is needed that can support sales data processing, drug stock inventory, supplier data, purchase data, purchase reports, and sales reports. The conclusion of this study is the system can improve the quality of pharmacies such as improving employee performance and making it easier to process data With this system, management can find out drug data, suppliers, purchases, sales, prescription drugs, patients, warehouse and sales returns according to their respective access rights The existence of a graphic menu to find out the results of sales in a certain period as a decision support that facilitates the owner in making decisions. Pharmacies Information Management 908-913 Issue-2 Volume-6 Dimas Indra Laksmana | Kiswandono | Aria Dian Tri Wahyuni