<b>Effect of Virechanottara Rasayana in Madhumeha A Case Series</b> Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is spreading all over India with 8.7 diabetic population in the age of 20 70 years.it occurs as a result of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, stress this leads to genetic mutation causing type 2 diabetes mellitus at early age. Insulin resistance is the main cause of all other disease including type 2 diabetes mellitus. In females with Polycystic disease 05 07 chances of becoming future diabetic which is also due to increased insulin resistance. Increased blood sugar levels leading to many complications which further leads to direct cause of death. In the present article a study has been done to see Virechana is given 2 patients irrespective of age and sex followed by oral medications for 45 days later the efficacy of single drug formulation that is Nishamalaki churna with multidrug formulation that is Nyagrodhadi churna who is not taking any other allopathy medication. Later subjective and objective parameters are assessed. Insulin resistance, polycystic disease, virechana, type 2 diabetes mellitus 702-705 Issue-2 Volume-6 Shwetambari | Farida Begum Shaikh | Madhav Diggavi