<b>Evaluation of Leadership Styles among Medical Girl Students An Observational Study</b> Becoming an efficient leader is one of the essential qualities to be imparted by a medical student which has also been emphasized in the new Competency Based Medical Education. Developing leadership competencies among the medical students particulary girls, directs them to drive and reform the health care systems. The present study determines the evaluation of the Goleman’s 6 types of leadership styles among girls pursuing MBBS. A total of 129 girl students participated in the study. Google forms were shared with them that included demographic data and a Questionnaire for leadership style with 36 questions. There was no question revealing their identity. They were asked to understand each question and answer accordingly. Scores were analyzed. The results were graphically represented and studied for the occurrence of different leadership styles. Democratic leadership was most common type observed in 42 girls 38.8 followed by visionary type in 27 girls 25 . The least common type of leadership was commanding type reflected in only 3 students 2.7 . Score from 21 students was interpreted and was found to have combined leadership styles. Democratic type was the most common combination observed in 13 students. The present study reports the different types of leadership styles among girls from north coastal Andhra Pradesh. As the number of girls choosing medical profession is on the rise, it is necessary to understand the prevalence of different leadership styles and to motivate them to impart the perfect style suitable for the situation. The study group were addressed after the evaluation and results explained. They were motivated to mould themselves and learn to adapt to the circumstances they face in the future as medical health professionals. Leadership styles, medical girl students, health care, democratic, visionary 588-590 Issue-2 Volume-6 Dr. Neelima. P | Dr. R. Ravi Sunder