<b>Digital Assessment of Learning Case of the Digital Dashboard DD </b> The current evolution of the technological field and the benefit of the introduction of ICT within schools, suggest the possibilities of using computer slides in teaching practices. The Digital Dashboard is one of the technological tools, based on a technico pedagogical engineering which includes defined stages but at the same time adapted according to the chosen design and the desired production area. the DD is a tool that allows planning, managing and evaluating the projects of a practitioner or a learner not only to judge his work but also to allow reflection on the difficulties that hinder their practices and the challenges that there are to raise. Our experiment will take place in the provincial delegation of teaching of Taza, in 4 different disciplines in order to judge the reliability, the feasibility and the contribution of DD in the professionalization of the educational practices. It is true that this device will guarantee better teaching, will develop several skills at the same time and will open up fields of interaction and exchange, but its implementation remains difficult and even if its creation has advantages, this does not exclude presence of many constraints and limitations. Digital dashboard, teaching practices, instrumentalization, scripting, professionalism 469-472 Issue-2 Volume-6 Mazouak Abderrazzak | Malika Tridane | Said Belaaouad