<b>Opportunities to Increase the Effectiveness of Marketing Activities in the Enterprise</b> In this article, the concept of marketing effectiveness is considered as a very relevant topic in a highly competitive environment. Marketing efficiency can be described as a function of improving the process of entering the market in order to optimize its own marketing resources spent to achieve better results for short and long term strategic goals of marketing. In addition, improved marketing effectiveness not only helps businesses prioritize their efforts, but also increases the quality and accuracy of marketing resources required by consumers.Finding relevant key metrics should contribute to the evaluation of marketing effectiveness. Strategic marketing is integrated into strategic management, which helps to improve the company’s market share. However, the trend of creation efficiency in companies is growing and it is necessary to check the economic income and look for the efficiency of the funds spent on marketing. This article discusses the issues of determining the possibility of improving the performance of the domestic and foreign markets by determining the economic performance of the enterprise and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities. Marketing effectiveness, marketing performance indicators, efficiency, internal and external marketing indicators, marketing strategies 10-13 Integrated Innovation on Technical Science and Economic Development Special Issue S. K. Boyjigitov