<b>Deep Learning Applications and Image Processing</b> With the rapid development of digital technologies, the analysis and processing of data has become an important problem. In particular, classification, clustering and processing of complex and multi structured data required the development of new algorithms. In this process, Deep Learning solutions for solving Big Data problems are emerging. Deep Learning can be described as an advanced variant of artificial neural networks. Deep Learning algorithms are commonly used in healthcare, facial and voice recognition, defense, security and autonomous vehicles. Image processing is one of the most common applications of Deep Learning. Deep Learning software is commonly used to capture and process images by removing the errors. Image processing methods are used in many fields such as medicine, radiology, military industry, face recognition, security systems, transportation, astronomy and photography. In this study, current Deep Learning algorithms are investigated and their relationship with commonly used software in the field of image processing is determined. Deep Learning, Image Processing, CNN, Neural Networks, Yolo 1-5 Issue-2 Volume-6 Ahmet Özcan | Mahmut Ünver | Atilla Ergüzen