<b>Homoeopathic Approach in the Cases of Rheumatic Disorders of Joints</b> Rheumatic disorders of joints are abnormal conditions, prevailing in developing countries. From time to time in every age, people grow old and fall victims to this crippling conditions. The word “Rheum” goes back to the time of Galen. Rheum is what is called “Resha” in Punjab. When we throw light on dictionary meaning of rheumatism it says any of the variety of disorders marked by inflammation, degeneration or metabolic derangement of the connective tissue structures, especially the joints and related structures, and attended by pain, stiffness or limitation of motion. These are disorders affecting various components of the musculo skeletal system including connective tissues, joint capsule, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. Joint is a junction between two or more bones or cartilages. It is a device to permit movements. The structures that play an important role in the formation of a joint are articular surface, articular cartilage, synovial membrane, fibrous capsule, convex male and concave female articular surface. Rheumatoid Arthrtis, Ostoarthritis, Gout, Joint Disorders, Miasmatic approach, Homoeopathy, Complimentary medicine, Medicine, Cases, Clinical Study, Research 6-10 Issue-2 Volume-6 Dr. Jatin Niranjanbhai Dhagat | Dr. Dhwanika Jatin Dhagat