<b>Utility of Homoeopathy in Cases of Knee Osteorthritis in Women of Menopausal Age</b> Osteoarthritis OA is the most frequent joint disease seen in the clinical practice in menopausal women. It is an important cause of disability and the second most common musculoskeletal problem in the world 30 after back pain 50 . Osteoarthritis strikes women more often than men and increases in prevalence, incidence and severity after menopause. Homoeopathic medicine helps to relieve not only osteoarthritis but also helps to improve menopausal syndrome. So, this study was conducted to confirm the role of homoeopathy in cases of knee osteoarthritis in women of menopausal age. Osteoarthritis, Menopause, Homoeopathy 1287-1290 Issue-1 Volume-6 Dr. Janki Rajnikant Bhanvadia