<b>To Study the Effectiveness of Calcarea Carb, Cina, Sulphur in Cases of Ascaris Lumbricoides Worm in Children</b> The Round worm Ascaris is found worldwide. Most infected individuals are asymptomatic. Clinical diseases arise from larvalmigration in the lungs or effects of the adult worms in the intestines. Major sign and symptoms of worms during the lung phase of larval migration about 9 to 10 days after eggs ingestion, patients may develop an irritating nonproductive cough, burning sub sternal discomfort that is aggravated by coughing or deep breathing. Fever is usually reported with temperature sometimes exceeding 38.8’c 101.3’F . In heavy infections, particularly in children, a large bolus of entangled worms can cause pain, small bowel obstruction, sometimes complicated by perforation, intussusception or volvulus. A single worm may cause disease when they migrate into aberrant sites. A largeworm can enter and occlude the biliary tree, causing biliary colic, cholecystitis, cholangitis, pancreatitis, intrahepatic abscess. Migration of an adult worm up to the oesophagus can provoke coughing and oralexpulsion of worms. Dr. Kent writes in his Lectures on Materia Medica under Calcarea carb, “The idea of homoeopathy physician is not to give vermifuges but so to correct thedigestion that worms will not thrive and it is true that worms will not thrive in Healthy stomach and intestine. Ascaris lumbricoides, Helminthiasis, Homoeopathy, Ascariasis 1237-1238 Issue-1 Volume-6 Dr. Raxitkumar Bharatbhai Ramavat