<b>A Review on Ayurvedic Approach to Age Related Changes in Netra</b> Ageing changes occur in all the structures of the eye causing varied effects. An attempt to review the parameters of what is considered within the ‘normal limits’ of aging so as to be able to distinguish those conditions from true disease processes. Although the aging is unavoidable and is a natural phenomenon of life, Ayurveda has dedicated separate branch for aging changes and its management. Rate of aging is determined by one’s biological, social, lifestyle, and psychological conditions and adversity of which leads to accelerated form of aging Akalajajaraor premature aging which may cause some of the diseases like lids muscle weakness, increased or decreased lacrimal production, dryness in conjunctiva, thinning and pigment changes in sclera, raised intra ocular pressure, thinning and opacity of vitreous humor, increased thickness and opacification in lens, blood vessels changes in retina, less defined optic disc, lipofuscin deposits in macula and much more. An attempt is made to understand the treatment of such diseases with an Ayurvedic approach. Netra roga, Jara, Ayurvedic approach 826-828 Issue-1 Volume-6 Dr. Chandana. P | Dr. Sushobhitha M | Dr. Kiran Kumar B. C