<b>Implementation of Laboratory Services and Online Consultation at Taksu Laboratory Clinic by using ODOO ERP</b> The development of technology information makes a lot of new technology that can be used to simplify company work, make multiple company try to apply that new technology in their own company. One of them is Taksu Laboratorium Klinik which is engaged in the field of health and health testing. Taksu Laboratorium Klinik already have a information system but still not used to it’s maximal capacity dan did not have a customer relationship management on consultation between patient and doctor. Application that can solve this problem is Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP is an enterprise resource planning application that can help company to solve a complex problem. Odoo ERP is an open source that makes it the best application for a new company which is in need for an affordable application development. Modules developed at Taksu Laboratorium Klinik enterprise resource planning system is Sales Module, Customer Relationship Management Module, Invoice Module, Livechat Module, and Website Module. The Odoo system with these modules will later connect Taksu Laboratorium Klinik data, so that an interconnected Enterprise Resource Planning application can be realized. Implementation, Service, Consultation, ERP, Odoo 660-667 Issue-1 Volume-6 Kadek Adhitya Dwi Pratama | Gusti Made Arya Sasmita | Ni Made Ika Marini Mandenni