<b>Challenges of Virtual Learning A Insight on Management Education</b> Education is the method of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge and development of the abilities of the mind. Education implies to discipline and development by means of study and learning. One of the foremost crucial benefits of education is that it improves personal lives and helps the society to run smoothly. Covid pandemic has created a great challenge on this educational sector and there was a sudden shock to both the teachers and the students not knowing what to do and this challenge paved way to virtual learning or online classes which was both challenging to students and their facilitators.With the advent in technology and with the perpetual increase in the strength of the students and the number of departments in the educational institutions, it is laborious to exchange the study materials between the students and the faculties. The main objective of the E Learning is to help the students get over the traditional methods of learning and make them accustomed to the internet .But the question remains how far the students and the faculties were able to adopt them self to the sudden shift and cope up with the changes .This paper tries to provide an insight on the challenges faced by the students what was their expectation and perception. This research paper helps both the students and the teachers to know the challenges covid laid on Teaching learning process and the quality of facility learning for growth to survival. Laborious, E Learning, Coping, Expectation, Perception, Digital Transformation 61-65 Issue-1 Volume-6 Dr. Veena Santhosh Rai | Shika Dechamma