<b>The Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Phytochemical Natural Constituents of Ethanolic Leaf Extracts of Solanum Aethiopicum</b> In almost the whole universe, solutions from active ingredients of plants are readily used in the treatment of various kinds of diseases. Different medicinal plants possess diverse therapeutic potential as no single plant has all the medicinal properties. Many of the medicinal potentials of plants used in folkloric medicine have been subjected to scientific investigation and this has warranted their widespread use as an alternative or complement to orthodox medicines. However, the medicinal potential of African flora is yet to be fully explored. Some plants of the African vegetation are still being discovered for their medicinal properties. This study was aimed at determining the qualitative and quantitative phytochemical composition of ethanol extract of Solanum aethiopicum leaf. Phytochemical analyses of crude extracts revealed the presence of alkanoids, glycosides and tannin in all while the fractions had terpanoids among others in relative proportions spectrophotometrically. Solanum aethiopicum, phytochemical, Spectrophotometrically, Mkpuru ofe 24-28 Issue-1 Volume-6 Eze, H. C | Ozoh, C. N | Ike, Gloria Chinelo