<b>The Impact of Uzbekistan’s Membership into Eurasian Economic Union on Textile and Sewing Industry</b> This article analyzes impact of changes in tariff policy on imports of textile and clothing products as a result of Uzbekistan’s accession to Eurasian Economic Union and changes in tariff revenues from imports of these products. The results show that although Uzbekistan’s accession to Eurasian Economic Union has resulted in a slight increase in imports of textiles and garments, a sharp change in imports can be observed in certain groups of goods. It is also expected that reduction of import tariffs and tax rates on textiles and garments will lead to a reduction in customs revenues to state budget, but an increase in customs revenues due to abolition of existing tariff preferences in country after integration. Regional trade integration, Eurasian Economic Union, textile and garment products, tariffs 14-18 Issue-1 Volume-6 Mingishov Laziz