<b>From Green Marketing to Sustainable Marketing in Vietnam Policies and Practices</b> The production and consumption of commodities all over the world have resulted in the creation of a slew of environmental issues. As a result, businesses are focusing on green marketing and developing eco friendly or green products that are less detrimental to the environment than traditional items. Furthermore, consumers are becoming more conscious of environmental issues and are actively attempting to decrease their environmental effects by purchasing green products and adopting a greener lifestyle. As a result, the phrase Green Marketing has swiftly become a global phenomenon. In order to achieve a harmonic mix of the three advantages customers, companies, and social benefits, firms have included Green Marketing orientation into their growth plans in order to deal with environmental issues and changes in people s consumption patterns. The article gives an overview of green marketing theory as well as the practical implementation of green marketing strategy in Vietnam. Green Marketing eco friendly product green label Sustainable Marketing 7-13 Issue-1 Volume-6 Loi Huu Nguyen | Khai Hoang Nguyen