<b>The Relevance of Centering the African Concept of Mental Health in the Current Globalizedand Digital World</b> This paper invokes the relevance of centering the African concept of mental health in the globalized and digital world. Increasingly, African scholars are taking the initiative to redefine the African narrative and reconstruct the African knowledge systems to suit current reality of the African local and this is no different with mental health. The objectives of this present paper are to address the nuances and or the relevance of centering the African concept of mental health. From the popular adage which contents that “cultural diversity breeds strength”, gives room to questions as have cultural differences become an instrument for destruction or strength The subject of mental health in Africa is increasingly growing and there is daring need to address the African views of such public health concern. The study comprises a web based survey, analysis of literature involving an excellent review of articles in addition to deductive content analysis of the data generated. In light of data that have been collected, there is need to re address and own a standard working knowledge system for Africans by Africans. Further, the findings show that centering the African concept of mental health evidently goes a long way to impact on change and the quality of public health this, thus, influences the development of research and mental health. African, centering, mental health, and digital world 29-34 Issue-1 Volume-6 Dr. Takang, Kelly Tabe | Dr. Daru, Roland Etta | Prince Dzingirayi | Esther Kerebi Nyamache