<b>Bapov Ramazan Salikovich the Inimitableprincipal Dancer of the Kazakh Ballet</b> In the article, the authors analyze the work of the great Kazakh dancer RamazanBapov, considering his unique performance through the interpretation of the artistic images of the leading ballet parties. Individual skill of the dancer as a sample of choreographic art is relevant from the point of view of modern analysis of choreography. National scenic images created by the dancer convey the spirit of patriotism and the genetic code of the Kazakh people. The articletells aboutcreative significance of the dancer for the Kazakh choreography. theatre, choreography, performing arts, national dance, stage image, ballet, scenography 847-849 Issue-6 Volume-1 Shankibaeva Aliya Bakhitzhanovna | Karzhaubayeva Sangul Kamalovna