<b>Work Life Balance among Women Employees with Reference to Teaching Faculties at KLE S.Nijalingappa College</b> In modern world women have shouldered equal responsibilities with men for the welfare of the family in various ways. Historically women in India were revered and the birth of a girl was widely believed to mark the arrival of Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth and riches. But today’s women are working in various areas and they are also a part of the bread winner to their family. Women’s life is a mixture of various roles, Most of the women are doing the best to balance their work, family and service. This research article identifies certain factors that strongly impact the work life balance WLB of female professors in KLE S. NIJALINGAPPA COLLEGE at RAJAJINAGAR, BANGALORE. The study highlights the various factors and challenges which have an effect on the professional and personal lives of 45 female teachers working at KLE SNC. This paper highlights the various personal and professional factors which affects the work life balance of women employees. The study highlights the various challenges and issues faced by Women employees to achieve WLB. The study suggests that there is a need for the institution to initiate work life balance programs for employee satisfaction and to improve the performance of employees. The study also suggest that the management should take steps to brings down the overtime workings hours for enhancing quality in teaching and also focus more on teaching rather than administrative work. work life balance, women, employee satisfaction, personal and professional factors 969-976 Issue-6 Volume-1 Shalini M.