<b>Application of IOT in Garbage Management System</b> The term IoT Internet Of Thing was first invented in 1998.Kevin Ashton is father of IoT. IoT is derived from the two words –Internet and thing. We can simply say that transmission of any thing over the Internet are IoT.Many times in our city we see that garbage bins or dust bin which are placed at public places are overflowing with garbage. It is a universal truth that wastage of anything is harmful for society as well as to people and our environment is surrounded by natural things .It creates an unhygienic conditions as well as ugliness to that places which is may cause diseases. To solving this situations we are going to implement a project called IoT based smart garbage management system. This system monitors the garbage bins and informs about the level of garbage collected in the garbage bins through a web page and also send all information to garbage collection van . Wi Fi modem, Microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensors, IoT, cloud server, Garbage management. 882-885 Issue-6 Volume-1 Priti K Gadge | Dinesh V. Rojatkar