<b>Towards Scientific Management of Solid Waste through Suitable Landfield Site Selection for Raiganj Municipality West Bengal, India A Model Based Approach</b> Disposal of waste is a fundamental issue of solid waste management process. Now a day suitable landfill site selection is a very difficult process due to rapid urbanization and the interpretative rise of urban population. This paper incorporates with suitable landfill site selection of Raiganj municipality covering an area of 10.76km2 is located 25036’59”N to 8807’21”E of “Raiganj” district sub division of Utter Dinajpur the least developed districts in West Bengal as well as India with the help of remote sensing and Global positioning system GPS and analysis using geographical information system GIS . Multi criteria decision analysis process has been used to find out the suitable site in Arc GIS 10.2.1 version. Various factors such as population density, household density, urban land value, different road types, river, land use, important sites considered in this selecting process and the suitable weighting are imputing to each factors depending upon their relatives importance. Through this way the final solid waste disposal site is indicated for this municipality. Solid waste management,Remote sensing and GIS, Multicriteria analysis 892-901 Issue-6 Volume-1 Bhaswati Roy