<b>Initiative and Impact of Digital Library Consortium An Overview</b> In the vast information technology era rapidly developing nation India needs a greater intellectual input to strengthen the education and research activities which needs strategic access of information and knowledge consortia is an economic model of resource sharing to meet the information needs with limited resources in the electronic environment. Shared subscription or consortia based subscription to electronic resources through the consortia of libraries, on one hand, it permits successful deployment and easy access to electronic resources at a highly negotiated rates of subscription and on the other hand, it meets with the increasing pressures of diminishing budget, increased user’s demand and rising cost of journals. Having understood the impact of consortia government of India supported many academic and research institutions to establish consortia in various areas of research and education institutions. In this paper we have made an attempt to discuss various consortia initiations and their impact in India. Digital Library Consortium, E Journals, E books, Information Technology, Impact. 997-1000 Issue-6 Volume-1 Dr. M. Manjula | R. Bhuvana